the dewy path

Monday, July 31, 2006

My first garden in Japan

I thought would post some photos taken when I visited my first ever Japanese garden in Japan.

In the autumn of 2003 I visited Kyoto with Worldspirit to spend some time in temples and gardens. Robert Ketchell, our guide and mentor, had arranged for the small group to visit Joju-in within the Kiyomizu Dera complex. We had it all to ourselves. A magic moment when my feet touched tatami for the first time, and then I looked through the room to this view. I really couldn’t speak (for those who don’t know me, that is amazing!)

We had time to sit in the quiet and just contemplate the garden, with no lectures to take in – though Robert would gently answer any comments.

And I wont comment on them either, only to say that the concept of shakkei - borrowed scenery was wonderfully present , and in my first garden too! And as a group we got to grips with public toilets - all in the solitude of an empty